Hydrogen respirator and oxygen capsule Marketing report

Since a paper on the medical effects of hydrogen was published in the journal Nature Medicine in 2007, research on hydrogen has been active around the world. Japan has
become the world's most advanced country in hydrogen technology, and is attracting attention from hydrogen technology researchers around the world.

Example of hydrogen gas inhalation therapy

・Hydrogen gas inhalation treatment at Keio University Hospital
Inhalation of 2% hydrogen for 18 hours

・Hydrogen gas inhalation therapy at Osaka University Department of Respiratory Surgery
Inhale 1.3% hydrogen for 24 hours

The report was written based on research by Keio University Hospital, Osaka University Department of Respiratory Surgery, and the Hydrogen Health Promotion Association.
We will introduce representative models from the range of 300,000 to 800,000 yen and above/stationary full-scale hydrogen inhalers.
●La Briller Luxe
La Briller Luxe specs
La Briller Luxe is a hydrogen inhaler made by the Osaka company "Izumizu Co., Ltd.", and its major feature is that it can create "hydrogen containing drinks" by injecting the
generated hydrogen gas into various drinks such as tea and coffee.

*According to marketing research, the only products that can add hydrogen to tea and coffee are LaBrie Luxe and Cellslan.
1. What is the hydrogen gas concentration in La Briller Luxe?
The amount of hydrogen generated by La Briller Luxe is said to be 60ml in 1 minute. (From La Briller Luxe official website) This is quantified as the "hydrogen concentration in the air you breathe."
Hydrogen concentration: 1.0% (when intake air volume perminute is 6,000ml)
It can be said that the hydrogen gas concentration is sufficient for household use.

2. Can La Briller Luxe be inhaled continuously?
La Briller Luxe is ``continuous suction for up to 60 minutes''.

3. How safe is hydrogen gas?
La Briller Luxe generates hydrogen by electrolyzing water, but since it uses the included "purified water" rather than tap water or mineral water, if you use it properly, you won't have to worry about generating chlorine gas.

4. Does La Briller Luxe also make hydrogen water?
La Briller Luxe can inject the generated hydrogen gas into various drinks to make them "hydrogen-containing drinks."

5. How much does La Briller Luxe cost to run?
The monthly running cost of La Briller Luxe is
approximately 867 yen per month.
・"Electrolysis auxiliary liquid" to make electrolysis smoother [replaced every month]: 667 yen
・"Purified water" used for electrolysis [2 bottles per month]: 200 yen (assuming the intake volume per minute is 6,000 ml)
La Briller Elan
"La Briller Elan" is a portable hydrogen inhaler made by Izumizu Co., Ltd., the same as "La Briller Luxe", a pioneering hydrogen inhaler. Since it is a manufacturer that specializes in hydrogen products, I think it is a reliable product in terms of quality.
La Briller Elan specs
Features of La Briller Elan
To understand the features of La Briller Elan, check the following points when comparing hydrogen inhalers.

1.La Briller Elan generates 30ml of hydrogen gas in 1 minute La Briller Elan is said to "generate 30ml of hydrogen gas in 1 minute."
Because it is easy to get an idea of how it compares to ``hydrogen gas inhalation therapy,'' which is also practiced as an advanced medical treatment, we use the method of comparing ``hydrogen gas concentration in the air you

Hydrogen gas inhalation therapy performed at medical institutions Hydrogen gas inhalation treatment at Keio University Hospital: 2% hydrogen inhalation for 18 hours Hydrogen gas inhalation therapy at Osaka University
Respiratory Surgery Department: 1.3% hydrogen inhaled for 24 hours

There is an example like this.
Let's convert La Briller Elan's "hydrogen generation of 30ml per minute" to the hydrogen concentration in the air we breathe.
Calculating from the respiratory volume of an adult at rest: approximately 6,000 ml (reference: respiratory volume per minute), this means that hydrogen gas can be inhaled at a maximum concentration of approximately 0.5%.

30÷6,000 = 0.5%

2. About half compared to La Briller Luxe
The same hydrogen inhaler "La Briller Luxe" made by Izumizu Co., Ltd. "generates 60ml of hydrogen gas in 1 minute", and La Briller Elan is about half that.
Although it is inferior in functionality, La Briller Elan was originally designed with an emphasis on "compact". It is a product based on the concept of generating enough hydrogen even though it is ``hand size''.

3. La Briller Elan is basically capable of continuous suction
La Briller Luxe had a limit of 60 minutes of continuous suction (after which a minimum of 30 minutes of rest).
La Briller Elan has been improved in this respect, and basically there is no limit to continuous suction.
It is said that it is equipped with a "cooling fan" as a countermeasure against the heat generated during continuous operation.

4. Is there any safety problem with La Briller Elan's hydrogen gas?
When producing hydrogen gas by electrolyzing ordinary water, there is a risk that chlorine gas will be generated from the chloride ions contained in natural water.
*The cause is not residual chlorine in tap water, but chloride ions contained in natural water.
For this reason, many hydrogen inhalers have the restriction that they cannot be used with regular water.
The same goes for La Briller Elan, which uses only a "dedicated liquid" to generate hydrogen gas. Therefore, it is safe to assume that there is no risk of generating harmful gases such as chlorine gas.

5. Can La Briller Elan make hydrogen water?
There are some types of hydrogen inhalers that can also make hydrogen water, but La Briller Elan is specialized for hydrogen inhalation and cannot make hydrogen water.

6.The running cost of La Briller Elan is less than 1,000 yen per month
The monthly running cost required to use La Briller Elan is approximately 1000 yen per month. I think this is one of the lowest running costs among hydrogen suction devices.
"Special liquid" for hydrogen gas generation: 500 yen Replaced every 2 weeks regardless of frequency of use

7. How to maintain La Briller Elan?
La Briller Elan is ``maintenance-free'' inside the tank, so the only maintenance required is replacing the ``dedicated liquid.''
Benefits of La Briller Elan Compact, lightweight and easy to carry Good design and fits well in your room
There are basically no restrictions on continuous inhalation.
Easy maintenance and low running costs
Disadvantages of La Briller Elan
Hydrogen gas concentration is slightly low
The price is reasonable for the specs

Cellslan Ele
Cellslan Ele specs
The Cellslan series also includes the above model "Cellslan Pro", but we will compare the features of each.
1. "I want to smoke a lot" - Cellslan Ele's hydrogen gas generation amount is 150ml±10%/min

Cellslan Ele's hydrogen gas generation rate is 150ml/min±10%.
How should we think about the amount of hydrogen gas generated by hydrogen inhalers? There are various views on this point, some say ``30ml/min'' is sufficient, others say ``1200ml/min'' or more is required, and I don't understand why. I think there are many people who are having trouble with this.

I believe that 150ml of hydrogen gas generation per minute is one standard for a sufficient amount of hydrogen gas generation.
In hydrogen gas inhalation therapy, "1-2% of inhaled air is hydrogen"
If the amount of hydrogen gas generated is 150ml/min and the amount of breath per minute is 6000cc, the concentration in the air you breathe will be as follows.


This is a sufficient number compared to the ``1-2%'' that is common in hydrogen gas inhalation therapy performed at Keio University Hospital.

2. “I want to inhale for a long time” - Cellslan Ele can be inhaled continuously for 4 hours with a timer
For those who want to inhale hydrogen for as long as possible at home, the ``continuous inhalation time'' of the hydrogen inhaler is also an important point.

For Cellslan Ele
Press the button once to run for 4 hours continuously (you can stop halfway)
Can be operated continuously for about 10 hours in total

However, when operating continuously for 10 hours, it is necessary to press a button every 4 hours, so it would be difficult to say, ``I want to continue inhaling hydrogen during 8 hours of sleep,'' for example. If you want to continue inhaling for 8 hours while sleeping, it is better to avoid Cellslan Ele.

3. “I want to continue using it easily” - Basic maintenance-free Cellslan Ele mechanism
As long as the Cellslan Ele is plugged into an outlet, it performs preliminary operation once every 12 hours to maintain a constant internal condition, eliminating the need for maintenance such as cleaning the inside of the machine. I am. Furthermore, while inhaling hydrogen, pure oxygen is injected into the purified water tank, so that bacteria and viruses cannot survive inside the tank. Although it is basically maintenance-free, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene aspects such as the cannula.
Deionization filters also maintain the purity of purified water. This eliminates the need to frequently replace purified water.
One of the reasons for using purified water in a hydrogen inhaler is to "prevent impurity gases other than hydrogen from coming out," but if you leave purified water in it for a long time, it will lose its purity and cause the formation of impure gases. The risks will also increase. If you don't have a deionizing filter, you'll need to replace the purified water frequently.

・Preliminary operation every 12 hours
・Pure oxygen injection into the tank during inhalation
・Maintain the purity of purified water with a deionization filter

Due to this mechanism, the only maintenance required for Cellslan Ele is to ``replace all of the purified water approximately once a month'' (replenish as needed if purified water decreases due to hydrogen inhalation).

Running costs include ion filter and purified water costs
Purified water to be replaced once a month (and topped up whenever the water gets low): Approximately 150 yen for a 500ml bottle at a drugstore, etc.
Deionization filter to be replaced after 500 hours of use: 6,765 yen

If you use the deionization filter for 4 hours every day, you should replace it about once every 4 months.

4. "I want something with good performance and low price" - What is the cost performance of Cellslan Ele?
As was the case with the old Cellslan Ele, Cellslan Ele is also a "product specialized for online sales." This keeps sales prices down.
Mintech MT-A100
Mintech MT-A100 specs
The Mintech MT-A100 features an excellent design created in collaboration with Cado, a designer home appliance manufacturer created by an independent company from Sony.

In terms of performance, it has a hydrogen gas generation rate of 100ml/min and can operate continuously for 2 hours at a time, up to 10 hours, and is very similar to Cellslan.

1. What is the hydrogen gas concentration of Mintech MT-A100?
The amount of hydrogen generated by Mintech MT-A100 is 100ml in 1 minute.
Hydrogen concentration: Approximately 1.67% (when the intake air volume per minute is 6,000 ml)
It can be said that the hydrogen gas concentration is sufficient for household use.

2. Can Mintech MT-A100 provide continuous suction?
Mintech MT-A100
Can be operated continuously for 2 hours at a time, up to 10 hours
Personally, I think one of the things I would like to see from a full-fledged hydrogen inhaler that is not portable is that it can be operated continuously for long periods of time. 
Although the Mintech MT-A100 is expensive, it can be said that the continuous operation time is sufficient.

3. How safe is hydrogen gas?
Since the Mintech MT-A100 generates hydrogen using only purified water, there is no concern that chlorine gas will be generated from chloride ions contained in the water.

4. Can Mintech MT-A100 also make hydrogen water?
Mintech MT-A100 does not have a hydrogen water generation function. The Mintech MT-A100 is very similar in performance to the "Shells Run" that I introduced at the beginning, but in this respect, the Shelsran wins.

5.How much is the running cost of Mintech MT-A100?
The monthly running cost of Mintech MT-A100 is Purified water for hydrogen generation: Replaced once every two weeks (about 150 yen at a drugstore)
Dedicated filter: Replaced after 500 hours of use (3,300 yen)
I think this is a category of hydrogen inhalers that requires relatively low running costs.

6.What maintenance is required for Mintech MT-A100?
The above-mentioned "purified water replacement (once every two weeks)" and "filter replacement (every 500 hours)"are required maintenance. Regarding hygiene, there is a condition that ``the water must be plugged in'', but it seems that electricity is periodically passed through the purified water, which has a sterilizing effect.

Overall review of Mintech MT-A100
Although the Mintech MT-A100 is expensive, it can be said to have excellent performance as a home hydrogen inhaler, such as the amount of hydrogen gas generated and long continuous operation.
Although the Mintech MT-A100 is said to be "Made in Japan," it has a unique design that was created in collaboration with Cado, so if you are attracted to the design, you may want to consider it.
High pressure oxygen capsule

Currently, medical facilities in Japan generally use installed-type oxygen capsules rather than compact oxygen respirators.
About the expected effects of hyperbaric oxygen capsules

Based on the basic theory of oxygen capsules, ``Henry's law = the amount of gas dissolved in a liquid increases in proportion to the atmospheric pressure,'' the normal living pressure of 1.0 atmospheres is pressurized to a maximum of 1.3 atmospheres (adjusted to less than 1.35 atmospheres) and is released into the body. Increases oxygen intake. High-pressure oxygen capsules increase the partial pressure of oxygen, increasing ``dissolved oxygen'' to more than three times the normal amount. By inhaling high-concentration oxygen inside the capsule, which is a hyperbaric environment, "bonded oxygen" is also increased. This device is expected to have a rheological effect that improves your physical condition by taking in more oxygen into your body than you take in during daily breathing. *Rheology effect is the effect of applying pressure evenly throughout the body to balance the skeleton and muscles and return them to their original shape.

Improving effect on autonomic nerve dysfunction
By compressing the body with a pressure of 1.3 atm inside a hyperbaric oxygen capsule, venous blood from all over the body is easily distributed to the center of the body, and travels like a mesh to the spinal epidural space in the spinal canal. As the valveless Batson venous plexus expands more easily, pressure within the spinal canal can be expected to increase. Fluid replacement through an intravenous drip will further dilate the blood vessels. This improves the shock absorber function of the spinal epidural space, and is expected to improve symptoms such as headaches and autonomic nerve dysfunction.

Fatigue recovery/health promotion effect
Oxygen has the function of decomposing and removing fatigue-relieving substances such as lactic acid, so by taking in large amounts of high-quality oxygen, muscle cells are activated and fatigue is expected to be reduced. These days, it's easy to suffer from a lack of oxygen due to lack of exercise and air pollution, so if you think you're feeling tired, we recommend taking care of yourself as soon as possible.

Anti-aging/diet effect
The skin is made up of capillaries and is a tissue that is difficult for oxygen to reach. High-pressure oxygen capsules supply dissolved oxygen that easily passes through capillaries to every corner of the skin. As a result, blood circulation is promoted, collagen synthesis and metabolism are increased, which are essential for beautiful skin, and anti-aging (rejuvenation) effects are expected. Also, burning fat requires a lot of water and oxygen. High-pressure oxygen capsules distribute oxygen to cells throughout the body and activate cell metabolism, which promotes fat burning and is expected to prevent metabolic syndrome.

stress relief
High-pressure oxygen capsules supply oxygen to every corner of cells, activating cells and are expected to be effective in relieving fatigue, lack of sleep, eye strain, and stress.

Injury healing promotion effect
Large amounts of oxygen are used for cell regeneration. However, when tissues are injured or inflamed, the capillaries are compressed and oxygen does not reach enough. High-pressure oxygen capsules supply oxygen to every corner of the body, so they are expected to have the effect of significantly shortening cell regeneration time. It seems that professional athletes are actively adopting it and are feeling the effects.


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